weekend trail thoughts?


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id really like to get out riding this weekend. with the weird weather does anyone have an idea of what they may be like this weekend with this odd weather?


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Allaire may be in good shape, but I'm thinking nice long base mile road ride.
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Newbikeitis sucks man. Last year I built the Turner and it's maiden voyage was a road ride.:eek:


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Wharton very SS friendly

sunday. i may have a new SS 29er by then. but i think i may want to take a geared bike there i don't know. :hmmm:

The only problem with the Penn Branch(orange disks) trail is the distance if you are not used to a SS.

We rode last Friday night on the Fire Tower(green disks) trail. The single track was in great shape only a very few small ice patches. The jeep road connection between the two sections of single track was a bit hairier with larger patches of ice. None of us went down but we slid around a little.

The Penn Branch trail turns off of this jeep road before the ice patches.

I will be out on Saturday morning with the TM crew. We are working on a new section to allow a bypass of the jeep road.

I can post conditions on Saturday night. They are getting more snow tonight but we are suppose to hit the 50's on Saturday.

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