Weekend Report 11/17-18


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Norm's on vacation, but we should still get some trail condition reports up here if possible, particularly in light of the rain that's recently gone through again, so let's hear what's going on out there.

I rode Allaire this morning, and the place is the best it's been in months. Leaves are coming down steadily and the trails are tacky. The loose sand is rapidly firming up. Very few wet spots on the trails I rode, which was most of the park.


Lewis Morris

Took the new 29er out today to the familiar trails at LM. Banged out 19 miles and it was fantastic!! The trails are in great shape. There are lots of leaves but no wet spots in the main park. Over the road in the northern part there are the usual muddy spots but that's the only place I found mud. If it doesn't rain tonight then the trails are just dandy.

There is a huge tree down in the south west section of the park, after the second bridge on the yellow trail in a clockwise direction. There are logs laid-up against it so if you've grown 'em then you can try it!



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Rode CR Sat morning good cond. leaves down and some wet spots but all in all good.( wont know how its going to be after Sun rains)


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went to CR today. it was freakin great. super muddy everywhere. go there, prepare to get dirty (and a lil cold) and have fun
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