Weekend Report - 10-25/26


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
It's getting cold but it's a beautiful time of year to ride. Don't miss out on the rest of the year. Still a solid month of TM sessions, and group rides should keep going through the white stuff.


10/24 (Fri) - Halter's MTBNJ Sale - This is a non-advertised MTBNJ only sale. Don't miss it!
10/26 (Sun) - Giant Demo Day at Wawayanda - Try 'em here, buy 'em here


10/26 (Sun) - Mountain Man Biathlon - At Lewis Morris, with beer!


10/24(Fri) - Family Fun Ride, Marty's Reliable in Hackettstown, 6PM
10/26 (Sun) - Ringwood "Epic" - 3-4 hours of tears

TM Sessions

10/25 (Sat) - Allamuchy - Armoring the white trail.
10/26 (Sun) - Six Mile - Bench cutting, grooming, and working on turns.

Trail Conditions

Chimney Rock - I've ridden this twice in the past week. Go, ride it, it's perfect right now. Perfect.
Lewis Morris - is dreamy
Skyline (Ramapo) - is bone dry....lots 'o leaves hiding the rocks ;)
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Hey, Martys Reliable in Hackettstown is having a Halloween fun family ride this friday at 6pm.


JORBA: Ringwood
Ringwood bone dry also. Leaves starting to cover the trail, so know where you are going.
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