Week long ski trip...great success


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So as my trip winds down I'm relaxing at my brother's place in CT and there's only one thing that keeps running through my head.....one more run! :p My week started at Belleayre where I came a few days after some the snows last weekend, the place was a blast and the conditions were pretty good. I had to ninja through a few sections to see some untracked snow, but even the groomed runs were in awesome shape. After arriving at 9am I was getting a little tired of rocketing down the mountain (the western end was starting to get scraped off too :() So I hit up the park and started making a doofus on myself, boy oh boy is that fun. Rinse and repeat the same cycle at Mad River Glen and Saddleback and that was my whole trip, ski the slopes in the am and the park in the PM. The only difference being that I caught mad river on a delayed powder day on the single, I ran into line early and went down the (skier's) right side, holy powder batman! I was sitting in like 4-5 swells of the soft stuff. I stuffed my tip and went over at some point I felt like I fell into one of those rubber ball play plens :rofl: Mad River has got to be the best place I've been to on the east. Saddleback didn't compare (although the mountain stats are pretty good), their so-called "largest advanced skiing complex" was a little meh for me. The upper portions of the runs were all blown down to ice and the lower run outs were chopped up heavy snow :( It's not the mountain's fault, just shitty timing. Their glade runs were really fun though.

The two small park sections at saddleback were made for me, not too big, but not too small. I had a blast. I think my skiing elevated quite a bit over this trip, I've been sticking a lot more shady landings and moguls went from being a friend I'd occasionaly have dinner with to an intimate love affair (the bumps down the lift lines at mad river were a BLAST). All in all the skiing in this trip rocked, I ended it off with 2 days of boozing in boston. I kept on the bicycle trainer 3 out of these 7 days, but I miss pedaling on my bikes but with all this snow I might get a few days in at the local hills and then back to the trails for spandex and sweat :getsome::getsome:


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Sounds like a great time. Also sounds like you hit that NE storm just right last week @ MRG (I'm jealous!). Pow runs at the place are supposed to be treats (although I'll never know as I'm a knuckle dragger).

I agree that a week long ski/ride trip will elevate your level a bit. The legs start getting used to making turns and the mind gets used to faster speeds.

Your plan for ski slopes in the AM and ride park in the PM is a good one. The park usually stays in good shape for the whole day. At Stowe (where I've been getting days in) they have a mid-size park at the bottom right before the entrance to the lift. So it's get carves up top and pop into the park for a few jumps and jibs then hop right onto the lift.

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Sounds like you had an awesome time with some great condition! I can't say I'm not super jealous since I just had about the worst trip ever to Killington. Also disappointed to hear your report on Saddleback, I had heard such good things about the "expert" area. Well, that's one 12 hr drive I wont be making! Any pics?

One thing I forgot to give you the heads up about with MRG is the Single Chair Ale. Did you have a chance to have one? Magic Hat Brews it specifically for Mad River and it's damn good. I've been to many bars in my day and I only know of two others that serve it The Mews in Rhode Island (Who Magic Hat makes another specific beer for) and Big Boulder Park (Why they have it is beyond me).


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Nope I missed out, I figured alcohol and a week of nonstop skiing wouldn't mix. All my drinking was done in Boston after the skiing ended. Not sure the temps in jersey/PA but maybe I'll do some skiing in the poconos to finish out my skiing for the year. If you catch saddleback on a powder day with no wind it'd be amazing, but I wasn't too far off and the upper runs were doom traps. I talked to a few locals and they said that's how it is most of the time.

It's shameful to think of how many days I spent trying to convince myself skiing the poconos is fun :(. I still have one more trip to make out to Sun Valley if the conditions are right, I have my buddy there on red alert for snow storms so I can fly in :p

Even managed to snag some GPS data at Belleayre, hit everything but the tops of 1 or 2 trails.

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