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Are you interested in Wednesday Night Races at Hidden Valley?

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Wedneday Night races at Hidden Valley. Combined DH and Short Track. Would you go? Say 6pm to dark.


Lakewood in da his-ouse

This sounds like a great idea, hopefully it could be structured like the Thursday Night Races in NYC Try Me baby, no fees just fun.

Glancing Aft

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I'd try to make it up for a few, but with the cost of gas and my work schedule making it difficult for me to get to Vernon by 6 it wouldn't be a weekly thing for me.


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For DH, you may find yourself competing with Diablo around the corner for Wednesday night races. I know they've got a weeknight "league" in the works.


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What would the dates be?

the short track sounds like fun.


Now this will only happen if there is enogh interest.

Ray was looking at July, August and maybe September.

I googled Super D. Looks perfect for those with Free-ride or all mountain bikes. Not full DH bikes or XC rigs.
I'll mention it to Ray.

Sorry for the time lag, for some reason I did not get a message that any one responded.


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would someone explain "short track" to me please.

Well I had to google Super D!

Bassically Short tract is a short course that is run for time like 45 minutes plus a lap, kinda like a Criterium. Serving Suggestions may vary.
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