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The Beachwood Bikes website is and, as some may have noticed, has been down for a week. This is due to a server error/upgrade that we are fixing/installing and will be ready to go by Monday. The good news, the site will be much more efficient and universally compatible with all those fancy alternate browsers. The Beachwood Bikes annual New Years Sale is in full swing with 10% off all Mt. bikes over 2K including 2008's. ALL ROAD BIKES ON SALE 10% OFF ANY MODEL.:D
Glad to see that we are not the only ones with server/site upgrade issues :D. How long is the "sale" running?
Website Up and Adam

The site is back, halleluah or something! Anyway, that was a bummer while it lasted. And good weather is also returning soon. Cold days and nights means good trails will be coming to your neck of the woods soon:D:D. Our New Years/Winter Inventory Reduction Sale lasts thru Sunday the 6th of January. Heading north to Hunter Mountain this Monday and Tues catch the dump and prepare for the Jay Peak experience!!
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