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Anyone have any recommendations for where I should shop for biking gear? There are a ton of places that advertise in some of the magazines I get, just wondering if you guys know the ones for the best deals. Thanks in advance.



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I always use Ive also used and with no issues whatsoever.

Also check and constantly for ridiculous deals.


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Performance gets a huge market share.

I suspect that everyone that has ridden a bike for a while has gotten something from them. I think it may be difficult to NOT find something you are looking for on their site. You could shop for a slightly better price or more choices but Performance will have something in every category of bike related stuff. Their return policy completely open. If you are unsure, buy it from Performance.

Old and obscure:


One I find that has good stuff:

Winter gear:

Catalog babes and bling:


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For tubes, lubes, and some components you can go to mail order but for stuff like saddle, shoes, helmets, stems, or anything that come in multiple sizes, shapes, and configurations you really should get them at your local bike shop because you want to make sure they fit properly and will suit your needs.


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I always have to give a nod to the local bike shop, but sometimes it's hard to ignore some of the deals online:


Blue Sky Cycling

Chainlove - Unpredictable and one-deal-at-a-time, but some of these deals are impossible to pass up.

Dan's Comp - Primarily BMX, but they have some stuff like pedals, grips and protection.



Niagara Cycle Works

Outside Outfitters


Universal Cycles

Not to mention, you can also pick up some decent stuff from Amazon and eBay Buy-It-Nows. I would recommend avoiding Beyond Bikes, as I am one of many who have experienced misleading customer service and poor representation of their inventory.


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Thanks for the help guys. I'm actually looking for some riding clothes as i'm sick of getting all my "regular" clothes covered in mud and sweat :)


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Jerk Squad

Webcyclery for Trials Stuff

Tree Fort Bikes, good prices, slow to ship out


Universal, far away though
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