We so need one of these in Essex


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Crummy weather for biking, mountain biking banned in this county - I really wish I had the building and funds to do something like this here in Essex

It would be awesome to take the deserted mental hospital and convert the inside. Would make it part skate, part bike and add a restaurant. Since GT Luke set the example with his indoor office riding we could name it Crazy Luke's.


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Take a trip out there and ride for the weekend, you will have a blast. You can check it out to see what works and what doesn't (that silly elevator drop thing). I know others on here have talked about wanting something like it here. They have a good amount invested in Rays. It could be done here but the commitment is big.

Go check it out!

Restaurant is a good idea. The lounge at Rays wreaks of Dominoes pizza since that's the only place that delivers there.
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