Waywayanda HIKE 11/18


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The fact that I need time to heal up my hands coupled with the fact that I need to get to know the places I'm winning, erm I mean racing next year is providing me with the impitus to hike them all this fall/winter. My hiking pace is fast paced but without jogging (makes it harder). For the most part its non-stop and its a workout not a nature walk. I did it yesterday with RyanE77 and we had a blast. We went for only an hour but I left wanting way way more. I saw that Waywayanda is first on the race list so it's there I'll be going to next. I'd LOVE to go with someone who is willing to hike and who knows Waywayanda. If no one comes I'm going alone. I'm shooting for next Sunday the 18th. A few reasons I like the hiking even when not injured:

It's warmer.
Low wind.
High heart rate.
Low impact.
No coasting.
Get to know racing trails.
Get to know people.
Much less likely to crash.
Hands free.
No flats.
Less prep time. Get out of car and go.
No mechanical break downs.
Walking and SS go hand in hand.
Food tastes better when eating it with two hands.
Use different muscles. I didn't know where those less-used muscles were but boy oh boy I know where they are today.
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Funny you should mention a Waway hike...

Did a 2 hour hike around Wawayanda Lake this morning with my wife and dog. Photos below.
I won't be able to join you on 11/18. However, if you'd like a route suggestion, let me know how long you'd like to hike for and I'll see if I can come up with something appropriate.


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Thanks a lot Tool. Optimumly I'd like to hike the race course route or at least the part of the park that they would race on. My goal is to do the "race" loops wherever I can. Thanks for anything you can do.:) ps Are those photos from this year???


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You're welcome, Wazu.

Here's a link to a map of this year's race course. The heavy black line is the course. http://www.blackbearcycling.com/wawa/raceloop07.gif

Not sure if the course will be changed at all next year (I'm guessing no). However, the race director may change the ride direction. This year he ran it clockwise. The trail names are listed on the map but here's the order in case it's not clear to you. The race start is at the intersection of Double Pond and Laurel Pond trails near the iron furnace:

-Double Pond Trail (past campsites)
-Right onto Red Dot Trail
-Bear left at first fork (still Red Dot)
-Bear right at next fork (go over two wooden bridges)
-Left onto Cherry Ridge Rd
-Bear right onto Old Coal Trail
-Right onto Lookout Trail (aka White Dot)
-Bear right at fork (still Lookout Trail)
-Right onto Cherry Ridge Rd
-Left onto Laurel Pond Trail
-Left onto Sitting Bear Trail
-Left onto Wing Dam Trail
-Shortly after crossing the Dam, Left onto unmarked trail (unofficially, Little Bear Trail)
-Left onto Wing Dam Trail
-Quick Right onto Double Pond Trail
And your back at the start.
This route should take you about 2 hours to hike. ENJOY!

BTW, those photos were from this morning! We got a little over 3 inches of snow overnight. :D


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Thank You!

Tool that was very nice of you to put this together for me. I'll definately use it! Hopefully I'll be able to repay you the favor in the future!:) :)


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Twist my arm! Twist my arm! I may join you for this one! I just have to confirm a few things and I will let you know for sure. My dog wants to play!
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