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It was great to see so many people today at the race. Kudos to Black Bear for putting on a real organized event. Course was awesome, and rode well despite the rains. Thankfully we never felt the brunt of the weather that was supposed to hit us.

Well, completed my first race today, Beginner 30-39 :getsome:. I blazed the course, coming in around an hour :rofl:, which is what I expected considering this was my 9th ride for the year. I was locked in a epic battle of the titans for DFL, but grabbed the wheel of one of the female beginners (who smoked me on the second hill), and I think I made up some places.

All-in-all, it was a great :D :D introduction to racing.

Ellen the cow bell on the first hill made me laugh. Cool to see the "cheetah" up close and personal, pictures don't do it justice.
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Thats awesome! Today was my first race too, beginner 15-18. I came in second with a time of 44:49. The first place beat me by one second with a time of 44:48. We sped into the finish line neck and neck.


A strong 7
Thats awesome! Today was my first race too, beginner 15-18. I came in second with a time of 44:49. The first place beat me by one second with a time of 44:48. We sped into the finish line neck and neck.
great job!!! i guess you like your new trance ;)


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congrats people! good to hear everyone had a good time.

t.wach, great job! another performance like that and it's sport class for you!


Great time

Today was my first race also in the 19-29 Beginner. I came in third place after starting my warm-up late and arriving just in time for the start. I also lined up behind the wrong age group because I didn't know where the 19-29 started :mad2:. I had a great time a learned a lot. The next race for me will be the Lewis Morris due to my military obligations. Hope to meet more MTBNJ'ers because I only saw NJ Jess and Lou_b (congrats on 2nd place).


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Great job everyone, despite the questionable conditions it seems like everyone held it down. I do feel bad for the experts though cause that course was starting to go to shit. As for myself I felt strong all the way, and for once was keeping with the pack in my devision (I guess all that training has paid off). I thought I was home free but then MixMasterMM passed me at the top of the last hill coming up from the lake! In the end I finished 7th in the sport 19- 29 bracket. I was hoping for top 5 but I was happy with my performance so not too upset.
Here are some pics that I and others took from the race, http://picasaweb.google.com/william.weismantel/5408SpringCleaningAtWaywayanda
Oh, and I always shout her out I know, but a big shout out to my girlfriend, she pulled first place in beginner females (her 2nd race ever).
And nice seeing/meeting so many of you! Fred, next race no mechanicals!


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great race guys. Good to see both parking lots filled! My hat goes off to my little 12 year old buddy from highland lakes on his fs next that had no brakes. Good job, but fix the brakes before next race!


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Hope to meet more MTBNJ'ers because I only saw NJ Jess and Lou_b (congrats on 2nd place).Paul

Good race pdm. You where right on me the hole race. I don't know who the first place guy was but he had me by 12 minutes. It was a great race to start off the season. Thank you to ever one who help to set it up.

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My race went well. I held a strong 1st place in the 15-18 Expert juniors, until my chain snapped... twice :getsome:

Still finished with 3rd place! :D


Good times as always. Dave kicked butt in his class and Mike (van dbtr) and I moved up to Sport with success. Not the 45/45 splits I was hoping for but an extra minute forty is no biggee when he course looks like that.

Both years I've been there Black Bear has done a professional and fun job with this race. The t-shirts are a nice surprise and are kick-ass to boot, and they seem to do a great job with the results.


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I had a blast, loved the conditions, was suprised how well I did considering I didn't do much training before this race. With about 2 miles to go on my second lap I was really feeling it. Met NJJess today as well, if your reading this, i'm Evan(green plaid shorts)... we talked while I was signing up, nice to meet you.

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Holy fast Batman!!

So, I will post a full report once the official results are up but here's a quick rundown of the Expert 30-39 race...

For the first time ever I actually got the holeshot, which I held for about 1/4 lap, I then got passed by some of the Campmor "30-39 All-Stars" and sat in somewhere around 4th or 5th...About half-way around the first loop we caught the 19-29 field and went through it up to the second place rider, Sir Charles of Florek...I started falling off pace and the pain-train started gapping away from me...Picked through traffic of the single-speed class, and even started to get into the pro field, still wasn't catching back on to Mr.Greg...I switched from offense to defense to hold position and flipped down the hill at the end of the course, I lost a place or two...By the end of the third lap I went through every rider in every age-bracket of Expert class that started before me...I think I finished 6th or 7th...I was almost 9 minutes behind Greg with a 1:50 something race time, good thing Tymor is next, I think I can get him there:getsome:



Well it sure turned out to be a beautiful day! I was out in the fog this morning with the beginners but pulled out a 3rd place finish which I was happy with! With slick rocks and roots I thought it was not the easiest course in terms of technicality, not too bad on the hills though.

It was great to see everyone! :)

Congrats to GlancingAft's gf who won the race I was in- way to go!!
Props to Eileen who bumped up to Sport for the first time! and to Jess & Wendy who gave expert a run!!


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Black Bear Cycling would like to thank all participants that raced todays Spring Cleaning race. We hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourself. Conditions improved as the day went on and it turned out to be a great day.

We hope you liked the shirts and prizes given out. Each year we try to improve the event and we like to think we put on a professional type of event for a grass roots club.

Again thanks to all.

Jeff Stickle
Black Bear Cycling


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Job well done by Black Bear. Super well run event! Course was super fun. Glad the heavy rains never materialized. Cool to meet all the MTBNJers out there.
My best solo finish to date finishing 2nd in my age group. Very fun day overall (pain aside).


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Nice job all you racers out there!! I can't think of any way to improve the event. . well done Black Bear and I look forward to wearing my shirt.


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Attack of the pedal!

So things did not start out smooth. I was out with the lead guys as we jumped onto the board walk. I knew we were cooking it a bit going into it but i thought to myself "these guys know what their doing" Just as I said that the guy locks is rear wheel and shoots off to the left into the water leaving me to slide head first along the way.

So I was passed by the whole field and had to work my way back up. I really figured that my race was over for the day so i figured I'd have a good ride regardless. I was feeling pretty solid as well and was doing a pretty good job working through the rocks.

I managed some how to sneak back into third place after the first lap. I had no idea where i was but when i saw chuck, jim and charlie they were all excited so i figured i was doing something right.

I was experiencing some issues with my pedals. twice i had a tough time getting out of the right side but i had just tightened them up so i figured they were really snug. Going into the second lap, Just after the first big climb as i was rolling down the back side and my right foot detached from the bike. I couldnt get it back in and when i looked down i realized my pedal went cookie monster on me and decided to have my cleat as a snack. So not being to far from the start I hiked it back cheering everyone on as they went through.

Hopefully one day it will all come together.

It sure was a fun day. Good to see everyone and meet some new faces and names. I dont know whats more fun tho. Racing or yelling, hooting and hollering at the experts & pro's. I know Maurice likes it!:D
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