way more fun than work...


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Definately supposed to be doing work right now, but I just joined the site and am having too much fun reading and posting.... anyone else out there doing the same thing.....????
I actually have myself a nice vacation from work so I am also having a blast reading and posting.
"yam bag" - Ha! I love slang words for genitalia. Can we start a side dictionary for stuff like that? I'll start:
plums (almost any fruit will work)

I have more...
I think any type of melons should be reserved for the female anatomy. I think there are better terms for main dish the yam-bags goes with. veined varmint, one-eyed snake, trouser trout, etc...
Franks & Beans

[SIZE=-1]Charlie Jensen: Is it the frank or the beans?
Ted: I don't know, both I guess.
Warren: [ from outside ] Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans! [/SIZE]
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I've got a book here called "Roger Melley's Profanisaurus Rex". It's a dictionary full of slang - 348 pages of it. Let me randomly pick a few pages. I'll try to keep it at least a little clean in order to keep my post from being removed, and I quote"

Porn Trauma n. Upon reaching the vinegar storkes whilst watching an art film and finding the screen suddenly filled by a big, sweaty bloke with large sideburns, to be too late to stop, and gwibble to a disappointing finish. See Vinegar Joe.

Mobe n. Abbreviation of Moby Dick. An epic turd, longer than a mini series, which may require harpooning with the lavatory brush to see it off.

Blob Jockey n. A gentleman with a penchant for fuller-figured ladies.
hang down
german helmet
yogurt slinger.........
bits and pieces
man parts
twig and berries
meat and two bits
wedding tackle
wee wee
ole' one eye ;)
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