Wawayanda Ride Sat Morn


Saturday 05-31-08 at 10am I will be leading a Beginner-Moderate Ride for around the H2H Race Track.

P.S. If anyone is interested in camping that night knock me a PM, I am holding down a camp site for sat only, But only have room for 15.


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where's your start point?

I've got to wrap it up by 12pm so may have to bail out at that point. Consider me tentatively "in" provided I'm not too work fatigued tomorrow.


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dammit. I want in. my buddy and i tried to figure it out last week and i think i made two wrong turns. At the red trail second split we went left and ended up carrying through the swamp. and the white split we ended up going a lottle too far left i think. came out too high up on cherry ridge.
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