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JORBA: Waywayanda
Closes in 1 week. Remember the entry price goes up $10 the day of the event. All pre-registered riders get an event t-shirt.

Advantages of pre-registration include above mentioned t-shirt, $10 less entry fee (ok so there is a $2.40 cost for Bikereg but its still $7.60 less than day of reg), your waiver and number will be waiting for you, sign the waiver, pay your $5 one day license fee (if applicable) and move on to warm-up.

Annual licenses will be sold day of but it would be a good idea to go to www.usacycling.org and purchase yours online. Remember to print off the permission to ride when you renew if you don't receive your license in time.

Pre-registration makes things go much easier for all involved.

We have a super fast course ready that has probably already seen a couple hundred laps over the last few weeks. It is not an easy course but one that will get you ready for the rest of the series.

The course will even be good with some moisture if it comes but we hope it won't.

Remember all State Park Laws in effect which means no alcoholic beverages. The Park Police will ticket for this offense and it makes the Mtn Biking community look bad too.

Hope to see you all out on May 4th.

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Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Thanks for the note Jeff. Looking forward to the race.

I know a lot of people on this board, myself included, drink beer. As evidenced by the enormous beer thread we know that's the case. But the no alcohol thing is for real. Leave it at home folks, there's plenty of day after the race is over. Aside from it being illegal it's a really bad idea to race your butt off and have a few beers and get behind the wheel. This isn't one of those things like the speed limit really being 70 when it's posted as 55. Drinking beer in the parking lot jeopardizes the whole thing for everyone else as well. Be a good mountain biker and do the right thing.


JORBA: Waywayanda
There will be enough people on Pre-reg to keep the line moving. Believe me each year you learn something new. I have been to races where I paid Pre-reg buit still had to do the waiver. To me thats kind of pointless. The system allows you to download the waiver from Bikereg system already filled out. So its a sign & ride type of thing. The only problems will be people that registered in the wrong class for whatever reason.
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