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I'm pretty sure you can find a GPS track of last year's race if that helps.


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Awww yeah...
We rode Wayway today and it ruled. Haven't been there since last year's race and since that was my first time there, today makes 2. More technical than I remember that course being but at least that giant hill in the beginning seemed a little less giant this time around. Thanks to Dave (Panhead on here) for a great time and for knowing the joint like the back of his hand, and let's ride there 2 or 3 more times these next 5 weeks. But no more mechanicals.

That's right -- 5 weeks from today the season starts. Awww yeah..


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We didn't even hit the White trail because of the Fisherman/Rattlesnake detour. Next time you get up here we'll do a few laps of the just the course. I think that unless your carrying or pushing the bike out it's not a true mechanical. Joe went and got a couple of extra links and a new chain I guess he learns from his mistakes, takes me a few times though. Get your lights for some good riding.
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