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I stumbled upon a trailhead by a farm just off of 517N in like Tranquility. I had just done the orange and cardiac and vista deal at the 517 Gate Trail and then wandered up the hill on 517 and made a right onto a gravel road and there was the trail. The sign said Waterloo/517 Trail I believe. The question is, Is this SS freindly? I don't mind long and grueling, but how much hike a bike is there? Does this trail end up at Waterloo Rd by the Trade Zone? Does it hook into the Cardiac Ditch and Bypass areas? Thanks for any input :)


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Yes to all of your questions. The trail crosses the park w/ various climbs and levels of technical terrain and ultimately dumps you out on the Sussex Branch rail trail. I ride w/ gears and full suspension, but I've seen some strong riders fly on SS on that trail. All rideable, nevertheless. The trail intersects the Ditch/Cardiac trail maybe 1 mile (maybe less) from the trail head you were at.


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Hey G,
Go to JORBA.org and download the map of the north section. Mike gave a good description of the trail. You may have to walk a section or two but you can do in on SS. Have fun exploring!



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Thanks both for the imput! I'm excited to do some NEW Muchy! (at least new to me) Can't wait till Friday afternoooooon!
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