water bottle or Camel bak ?


I see alot of guys going the camel bak route. I just sold me Trek 4300 and by next weekend I'll be on a FS.:D
I noticed I can still hold one water bottle on the top side of the down tube and there is a location for a second bottle on the bottom side of the down tube.
I'm wondering if it's gonna be in the way of anything I might be riding over ?

I just don't know if I'll be comfortable with what seems to be a big clumsy pak on my back. I also sweat alot, so I'm thinking I'm going to be even more uncomfortable.

Any suggestions for paks ? Has anyone tried the new Ergon BD1 paks, there supposed to have this new fangled support system that doesn't allow th pak to shift around.



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I've seen a lot of people lose bottles on rocky trails. I prefer Camelback for the Mtn and bottles for the road. I do love the feeling of not carrying a camelback when I am on the road, but I also carry more stuff when I am in the woods, since.....anything can and WILL happen.


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camel back in the woods like zoller said. just don't see the point of being a weight weenie (i'm not) and then putting bottle holders and bottles on the bike.
plus u can carry more stuff


I have yet to loose a bottle , I carry two and we ride Mahlon. It doesn't get much rockier than that .

I really don't care about the weight, either it's on the bike or it's on me.

No jersey for me, It would not be a pretty site. I'm more comfortable with a loose fitting Under Armor type shirt.

Although since picking up a Mtn Bike 4 months ago and having given up pasta, bread and all the junk food I have dropped to 212 from 223. I'm looking to remove that spare tire from around my waist !


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I wouldn't think of doing a Mt. bike ride without my CamelBak. I have a 100 oz. M.U.L.E. I happen to sweat alot too and the pack doesn't seem to be a burden. Plus I'm a little O.C. about having enough stuff to get myself out of any mechanical (I like to get my Macgyver on from time to time)
It's also a hell of alot easier to drink from it when you're bombing over rocks. I'll carry a water bottle with cytomax or something like that because I don't like to mix that stufff in the bladder. That would mean I'd have to wash it!!!


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I hope to one day own an Ergon bag, when I do I will post a review. I use a beaten up Camelbak Mule that has served me well. On the road its bottles only for me, most times.

How long do you normally ride for, are you running out of water, and what kind of bike ya gettin?


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I carry a tube, pump, tools, patches, cell phone (only when i ride alone) and some other odds and ends. Not to mention all the water you could drink....
Evey item i listed, i use and would not want to ride without. Nothing is worse then walking your bike for several miles.


There's 4 of us that ride together, it's sort of trial by error. Last week one guy broke his chain, it took us a while but we realized we should remove a few links and then put it back together.

We have not had a flat yet, everyone rides on tubes, although I'm going to strongly consider going tubeless.

We ride for about 2hrs, I have yet to run out of water from my 2 bottles.

I'm getting a Hi-Fi Deluxe 29'er . I jumped right into the deep end !

Who sells the Ergon paks locally ? Morris County or vicinity .

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I am a relatively beginner MTBer, we ride for 2 hours+ at Allaire and I sweat alot... I have a high sierra 2L bag that I wouldn't go out without. If I half fill with ice cubes and half fill with cold water from my fridge I suck it down just about as I end the ride... but Like I said, I am a (out of shape and oveweight beginner) that sweats ALOT... The bag I have cost me $20 at BJ's wholesale club. Stays cold the entire trip. Much easier (and cleaner) than using a bottle on the trails....

Good luck with your decision.


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not sure you can get the ergon packs yet...unless you know someone. :D

anyway, i just had this conversation this morning. for most of the places i ride frequently i could easily ditch the camelpak and go with two bottle and a few odds and ends in my jersey. i'm the 'always be prepared' boy scout type (luckily for kirt :D) and usually have everything you can think of on me when i ride the woods...which isn't necessary all the time. some rides, yes. others, no. especially on an SS.

when i ride the road i'm a minimalist. tube, c02 (x2) a tiny park tool and two bottle. no more. but, i do check my bikes over before every ride which has saved my arse a couple of times.

the one thing i never, ever leave home without (anywhere) is the blackberry. for better or worse i'm married to that thing.


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i dont feel comfortable not wearing a camelbak anymore, but taking a sip during a nice straight cruise on the side of six mile and not stopping makes me smile :)


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i ride with a camelback. honestly... last month a did a ride without my pack on and i almost felt unbalanced as silly as it may sound. im so used to having that extra 10 pounds of stuff on my back.
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