Watchmen: The Movie


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This opened today, I intend to see it, hopefully in IMAX. Alan Moore's stuff hasn't fared all that well in the adaptation process (though few writers do, anyway) but I'm holding out hope for something worth latching onto here.



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I think the book has a big enough fan base to do ok in the theaters. I really hope its better than some of the reviews have said it is. I did hear they basically used the novel as a story board for the movie, except for a few changes that some have made a fuss over. I don't think it will be a big deal though. I'm excited to see it. IMAX would be amazing!


the reviews i've read and listened to say if you're really into comics and this story specifically, you'll love it. if you're a layman in search of a good-time movie, you will most likely hate it. "boring" "too long" and "not fun." "iron man it's not." yikes.