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Little Lung

i went to V.A. this past weekend to visit my uncle and he is big into road-biking, so i thought... come to find out he has a great love for single trail ride'ng... so he let me use his second bike n' took me on a run over in Wakefield Park in Fair-Fax... i completely under-estimated what i was getting myself into, when i went down my first slope i realized my only job was to stay focus on what's before me cuz one wrong move and i was eating dirt.... an hour and a half later...
(a little over 12 miles)... i found my calling, i had such a great time i asked if we could do it again on sunday, we did... i asked if i could purchase his bike so i can take my new experience home and seek trails to ride in N.J.... so i have a new set of used wheels, had some work done to it and took it out on my first run this morning 7/4/07 at chimney rock, and may i add how i enjoyed spending more time falling then riding, i guess i have to crawl before i ride... i started on the red trail, big mistake, turned back around and walked my bike back to the parking lot on Newman just to walk off the the pain from falling on razor sharp rocks.. i bulit up the courage got back on and found the white trail, i was good to go,, all i kept hearing was my uncle screaming at me "keep pedaling"... he told me before i saddle the bike for the first time "it's not if your going to fall, but when your going to fall, and keep in mind pain is fear leaving the body, when your practicing to make perfect"

i'm heading out again this friday and saturday, so i wanted to ask: what's the best trail for a begin'r to grow comfortable and confident?

keep it fearless and positive
thanx... little lung!
welcome to the nuthouse. :D

LM/PP or the tourne are great places for you to start.
thanx!...i live in south plainfield, and yes! i'm definitly hooked, i spent damn there an hour starring at the bike after i unloaded it off the rack when i got home from my trip...
6 mile is about 10 minutes from you, right on rt 27 in North brunswick, good place to go, not alot of climbing, but fast fun singletrack.

what kind of bike did you get?
i got a cannondale scalpel, i change out the cassette cuz the gears kept jumping when i first ran it, change the cables too, also got the brakes bled cuz they kept sticking espeacialy the back brake and i almost ate it( a fist full of front brake is a face full of dirt ) that was my first lesson, i got a new seat cuz the padding was worn, my bum was sor the first night i felt like i got railed by a boat paddle... my last thing the take care of is the front tire it has a slow leak and i just found out that there tubeless tires, i didn't even know what that meant til i tole my uncle i was going to take the tire off and he screamed on me like i was an unwanted red-headed step child...
Welcome, i would say try 6 mile nice and rollie pollie to get your feel for the new bike. Have fun:D
that's an awfully nice bike! good score, and welcome. 6-mile is a great park, and really close to you. if you ever make it up northwest, kittatiny is a great park, with just enough tech to get your feet wet, and plenty of smooth, fast singletrack.
thanx a truck ton... i'm heading to six mile in the morning.. i tried the rutgers perserves( is that spelled right?) any-how it was cool, came to a lot of dead-endz n' had to turn around even got off the bike a few times to foot it around..... i'm looking forward to pushing my myself tomorrow hopefully no major foul-ups...

it does sound like you found yourself a pretty sweet rig to start out on. Im at six mile quite a bit so im sure ill see ya around!
I'll be at 6mile for about 9ish this morning. Look for a gray Audi A4 with a roof rack - das me!
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