Washington Valley Park Group Ride - June 19th


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i'm going to have to bail. i'm saving MBUs for a bigger trip and need to get out stupid early to save them.


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So far it's looking like a smaller group :( I guess that means we won't have to break into 2 groups :)


I Planned to attend ,but crashed today on my road bike , thanks God nothing serious just road rush on my left elbow and some stitches .


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As much as I would like to meet people off the board. I will not be able to attend this ride.

Have fun all.


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Are clipless recommended? Considering this ride if my schedule allows but I'm riding platforms this year....

It's really whatever you feel comfortable on. I have seen amazing riders ride with clipless and platforms...if you can ride rocks with platforms, then keep them. I wouldn't suggest you switch for this ride because then you'll be too focused on getting used to new pedals.

Feel better, Ron! Sorry you can't make it :(


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I might try to get there at like 8 and ride a bit then hook up with you kids at 10 for a bit. I gotta get out of there by 11ish if I go.
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