Warren Miller's White Winter Heat

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So no media yet, but I will try hard to figure away to get it up here.

A while back my vcr broke and I just never happened to get a replacement, until last week when someone gave me one. Anyways last night I decided to throw in some old Warren Miller ski movies that I had acquired so I could laugh at 210 cm skis and how terrible 80s ski fashion was.

Well I put in White Winter Heat from 1987, pushed play, and it was right on a section on Mountain Biking! Apparently it was from the first ever downhill mtn bike race on snow. Some notable quotes from it:
"Bikes can cost over $1,000"
"They have 18 gears" (Although there where some SS in it)

The biking itself kind of sucked, I wish they had some footage on dirt and not just snow, but it was still great to watch. The last time I saw this I would have been 7 years old, and I would have thought those guys must be crazy. :D
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