War at the Shore 9/21/08


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Was anyone else at Long Branch War at Shore Tri yesterday? How did it go for you? This was my second year. It was a dissappointment but a lot more relax with the swim this year and faster on the run. I ran into some tough luck on bike leg {flat} :( but I'm eagerly waiting for results so I can compare my swim, run, and transition splits.

I swam very well and got out of water pretty early for my heat. Decent transition from swim to bike. But on the 2nd and final lap of the bike leg I realized I was going very slow for some reason but working twice as hard... my rear tire had a slow leak. So I pulled over to someone who was fixing his flat and used his pump and tried to finish the loop but I came short like 2 miles and couldnt' ride on it anymore. (BTW I had a pump but decided what are the chances of me getting a flat so I didn't mount it to my bike plus it is a race so if you flat your "race" is pretty much done which I saw happen to a few people on their wicked fast tri bikes). I was gonna throw in the towel but I think the worst is not finish and not getting the job done so I ran the rest 2mi back barefoot while rolling the bike (not running in cycling shoes, they're too stiff, and you can run faster bare footed). LOTS AND LOTS of people passed me at that point. I wasn't counting but LOTS! So then I continued to finish the 5 miles (now with shoes) as FAST as I could.

But it's cool, I still felt like a champ when people were cheering me on running barefoot just to finish the bike part haha. :D

Tough luck. Shit happens with racing.

Oh well, better luck next time. And next time I'll hopefully be on a triathlon bike... THEM SHITS ARE FAST! Since selling my road bike this year, I withheld buying one, but now... I NEED ONE! My mtb with slicks did a job but of course can't compare.
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