Wanted: Thule Roof Rack/bars/kayak holders,etc.


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Currently about to buy a bunch of Thule stuff for the roof of my grand Cherokee - a bit more $ than I expected to drop if I buy brand new. I have a hitch rack for my bike, this stuff im honestly buying more for kayaks for now, but may end up holding bikes in the future on them too. About to buy:

Thule Evo Raised Railed Rail Foot Pack
Thule Fit kit for grand Cherokee (Kit 3142)
Thule Evo Load Bars (although if you ANY sort of bars that will fit- Thule square, etc, im interested)
Thule Lock cylinders - set of 4
(2) Thule Hull a port XT kayak holders

If you have anything above you want to get rid of, and save me money let me know!
Live in West Milford, in NYC area a few times a week as well.


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I went this route to hold my kayaks, it's affordable, simple, works well and you can use it on different vehicles. I kayak for 4-5 months a year, if I paddled year round I'd probably invest in something better, but for me, this works well. I carry 17' kayaks with this, no problem.
I appreciate this, as im having a hard time debating if i should spend close to $1000 for thule rack and kayak holders, especially when I dont use them that often either. Im usually the type of person to pay extra for the quality upfront, but like i said this wont be getting much use at all. My jeep has the factory flush side rails, would need to see if this would get in the way at all? I would be carrying either (1) or (2) 10 foot kayaks.


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I have a Thule roof rack that is sitting on a car and not being used. what size cross bars do you need? Mine are for an older Infiniti (i35). I can sell these on the cheap if they fit.

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Shop used for the feet & cross bars, then buy the Hull-a-Ports new. Try Jeep off-road for sale sections as crossbars get used/discarded as roof rack systems...


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i have a used set of bars and feet along with a wind fairing you are welcome to for 50.00........not sure what they came off of
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