Walter. MIG and Chainsaw in NYC


Fourth Party
We had to make a stop before we got to riding, and it should have been caught on camera. Me and Chainsaw were introduced to Mean Irish Mom and Mean Irish Dad. Good times.


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looks like a good guys should sign up for Bike New York if you enjoyed riding in the city:cool:


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I've riden in the city a few times. This is a good time of year. The paths will be packed in the summer. Don't be shy about mixing it up in traffic. It is a hoot. ;)


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we hit up some cross town traffic and some chinatown traffic. it was a lot of fun. next time i need some slicks though.

Dusty the Whale

thats a long day of riding, with no hills really its a pretty easy ride for the most part. you get out what you put in. but good recap
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