wall mount for hitch rack

Hey some time ago in the last section of Mountain Bike Action Magazine - where they do short little write ups of several new products, there was a wall mount to store a hitch rack when you're not using it. i cannot remember the name and can only seem to find 2 online, 1. Rack Stash, 2. Boone Hang2
I am not sure if either of these two are it. So I hoping that someone knew definitely which one it is or if anyone has used one of the 2 I listed above. Thanks.
Rack Stash...it works awesome...lag bolts into a stud in your garage...doesn't budge. I ordered after reading the review you're talking about.


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but my intent is to use the rack in it's open position mounted on the wall with bikes on the rack.

Double as rack storage and back storage,
clean, use minimal wall space, bikes are upright


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Its good for what it is but i wanted to use it to place my bikes on too. Unfortunately, it sticks out too far from the wall. It will hold bikes but too far out for me to walk around slash duck. It solid and aint going nowhere. Maybe in another location of my garage it would work. Ill either leave it or think somewhere else to put it. You could potentially store bikes with this setup over bikes on the floor. 6+ bikes in a corner of a room.
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Just did this instead haha
Never really occurre to me this would work without handlebar support. Ill strap something on front bar and hook when i can or just move hook closer to bar. These hooks were here when i moved in and i put road bikes hanging by wheels but i only want hang mtb right side up.