Wake up!

My interesting part of the weekend is a big road ride tomorrow morning. After that it's a bit of unknown. Some taking care of the in-laws house while they're away on vacation, made all the more annoying since their cleaning lady called yesterday and said the refridgerator died and the house stinks. Fun. Also need to take a trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow afternoon and maybe the hardware store.

Sunday a shorter ride, probably road but maybe shoot down to Chimney Rock for 2 hours if I'm lucky. Hope to drop the mtb off at the shop this weekend. Then afternoon going out to see my Grandfather who is starting to lose it.

Tossed in there is stuff like eating, tinkering with the old SS, going to the bathroom, laying on the floor, sitting outside if the bugs cooperate, playing with my daughter, more eating, hopefully some sleep, maybe a few beers, and possibly the occasional shower or 2.

Take your pick at what is fun and/or lame. You?
Tonight, I think I'm gonna just relax. Maybe hit the gym after work.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna road ride, where you going? Then heading into Manhattan to see my girl and probably go to dinner or some bar.

Sunday, waffles, maybe take my boat to greenwood lake.
i'm finishing two beds around the pool today then jumping in said pool since it's supposed to be about 95* today. tomorrow am will be a moderately long road ride, prolly in the 30 mile range depending on when i drag my carcass outta bed. after that i'll play with my kiddies for an hour or two then hop in the gas guzzler tahoe and head to beantown for a wedding at which i'll eat and drink way more than any five africans do in a given month. i will also be eating, sleeping and hitting the head.

sunday i'm supposed to head up to NH and hike mount monadnock with a buddy.


i'm sure there will be some beers involved in the post hike recovery but as of now, that's all i got.

monday i gots meetings in beantown so no biking for the kid that day. tuesday i'm in NYC for a green conference from 8 - 12 so hopefully i'll be on the bike after that.
You know Jake, the Africans that swindle all the money from the diamond mines and oil fields eat a lot.

General loop is Basking Ridge, Morristown, Califon, Round Valley, and back through Lamington. Probably 85 miles in 5-ish hours or so. Might tack on a little extra to hit 6 hours if I feel good enough.
I missed my flight to Des Moines yesterday coz of the wank NJ traffic. I'm here for the weekend. My fav mountain bike is in the shop so I have a 35lb MC Fury but I need to fix the front dr. If I can get that done then I will take to the hills. If not then I'll take to the road.

No evening entertainment sorted out yet, we'll see how it goes.

I'll probably take a couple of dumps at some stage too...
Hmmm, does that mean I need a new hobby, or at least a new username?
Friday: 2 hours of bouldering at the rock gym after school. Meet Mrs. ChrisG in Red Bank for a salad. Walk to River View hospital and visit mother-in-law. Walk to coffee shop for dessert.

Saturday: Race a crit at Rutgers or go for 3 hour ride which takes in all the local "hills". Meet Mrs. ChrisG for lunch. Spend rest of day choosing from following options: shop, visit hospital, mow lawn and work in yard. Dinner either on the grill or maybe some Mexican. Sip a little whisky beforehand if dinner is at home.

Sunday: Brisk ride in local woods, most likely. Repeat most of Saturday menu, plus a trip to Wegmans for weekly provisions.

My life is too exciting for words...:whoopdedo
You said "any five africans"!

Say my name bitch!

Sorry that just slipped out.
damnit what movie is that...um...um...shat.

ah, american pie! yes, i win!

edit: damn you and your attention to detail, i did say 'any five africans'.
I'm leading a ride at Trumbull tomorrow (Sat.) and I'm still trying to decide between the Fat Tire Fest at Blue or the Tour of Stewart on Sunday. :hmmm:
If anyone is in the mood for big crowds, long lines and overpriced seafood, this weekend is the annual Belmar seafood fest.
today is sparta day!
yet another original name to add to the "sparta" list:
the pizza place, the liquor store, the hardware store, the barber shop, sparta brad
beer fest this weekend at bear mountain in macungie, pa. just southwest of allentown. we were torn between that and the corestates race. corestates won.
beer fest lost to watching a race? WTF? Thats like the ace of trump. Takes precedence over anything and everything.
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beer fest lost to watching a race? WTF? Thats like the ace of trump. Takes precedence over anything and everything.
Don't worry, there's quite the beer fest in Manyunk during the race. I'm sure Sean took care of business.
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