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So I'm thinking about getting a Garmin b/c I'd like to be able to follow the routes of other folks when riding trails in other states. I see that MotionBased is the place where folks upload their rides. I was trying to track down a trail called Borden mountain in Massachusetts listed as an IMBA epic. So I search a bunch of things at MotionBased with no love. Then for the hell of it, I do a general search for any rides with the location in Mass within the last year. Still no results. I can't see how that can be. If I can't track down the uploaded rides for the places I'd like to ride, that defeats the purpose of buying a Garmin. Anyone else have similar problems searching at MotionBased?


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yea I have that problem. I think you need to have a certain membership level in order to use the full search function. I never looked into it further since I dont have a gps yet. . .
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