Voting for Aaron ends Fri July 11


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Hey guys and gals, just want to put out a reminder that voting for Aaron ends this Fri, Pls cast your votes if you havent voted yet or forward the link to friends and families and send this guy to Hell ! Hellride that is :D.
Here's his personal request emailed to "everyone" that knows him personally.

Thanks again.

Hi everyone,

I've got some exciting news I'd like you to be a part of. I am in the running for a mountain biking contest called "The Santa Cruz Hellride". It is a race where I will ride a mountain bike over 70 miles and 12,000 vertical feet in about 12+ hours through the mountains of Northern California.

I have been chosen as a semi-finalist, along with 14 others, but I need your vote to become a finalist!

The top four vote-getters will go to the event and compete against each other and Mark Weir, a professional mountain biker, to win a new mountain bike. But it is really about the experience, and if I get to go I will be making a video for all to see my ordeal at

You can only vote once per email address, so I'd love for you to vote and pass along this information to anyone who may be willing to vote for me. It just takes a few seconds.

**Please note that you’ll receive a confirmation email that you must click on in order to make your vote official.**

Go to link below for more information and to vote for me:

Thanks, I really appreciate your vote!

Aaron Bean


Today is the last day of voting (7/11) so if you can forward to anyone who can give a vote and keep me in the running I would be super grateful.

A big thanks to everyone here for showing their support for me. It has been a long campaign, so please help me finish it off on a good note. Just need to keep up with the Joneses on this as they are fighting like mad dogs for the final spots.

Plus let me state for the record that I lived in NJ for four years! Well it was Hoboken, so I don't know if that counts.


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