Volunteers Needed: Tourne Adopt-A-Trail Program


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Hey everyone,

As some of you may know, I’ve been working with Amy Lutsko from the Morris County Park Commission on getting a new trail approved at Tourne. In an effort to show that this park NEEDS mountain bikers (which may help in getting this trail and future trails approved), I’m hoping some of you will join me in participating in her new Adopt-A-Trail program.

  • Visit the trail often enough that you can help maintain it and keep it clear.
  • Report your findings and any maintenance hours on quarterly basis.
  • Report trees that are down and blocking the trail that would require a chain saw for removal.
She’s giving the mountain biking community first dibs on adopting a trail at Tourne. Since I both ride and hike often from home on Red-East, I can definitely take that one.

These are the 10 trail segments available that need a volunteer to adopt:
  1. Yellow
  2. Teal
  3. Purple
  4. Pink
  5. Blue (Not available – Already Assigned)
  6. Green
  7. Red – North
  8. Red- West
  9. Red- East (Not available – Already Assigned)
  10. White
The attached map shows the break down for reference.

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP. She’ll be sending this out to the general public next week.
I’ll need to give her:
  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Primary Phone
  • Segment(s) that you’re interested in
Please message me with this info if you're interested.
Thank you in advance for your participation!


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Seriously well done.
Both your efforts, and the park's reception to the partnership!

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I know the local NICA group does a fair amount of training there, I forwarded this to a friend who's son is involved. That might be a good outreach too. I just don't happen to know who's in charge of the local chapter...


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@kerribeth 👏👏👍 All, AAT is a great way to show MCPC that mountain bikers are conscientious and willing to chip in. It doesn’t take much effort either. I’ve been an MCPC AAT volunteer for 25 years and it’s low-key and flexible enough to bring kids along to help you with pruning, clearing debris and - if you want - light dirt work. Thanks to all who have already raised their hand. 🤙


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Hey everyone,
The 5 trails (red bold) below still need a volunteer. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has volunteered so far!!

If you're worried about time commitments or the frequency of your visits to Tourne, keep in mind that those of us who do go to the park more often can help report issues and kick branches out of the way to keep things reasonably tidy in between your visits.

We need to show the MCPC that mountain bikers care and are committed to making the park better for everyone. Next week Amy and her boss/team will be hiking the proposed new trail to hopefully then approve it. Imagine if I send her a list next week that has every trail adopted by a mountain biker. The MCPC couldn't deny that we're a valuable stakeholder which could possibly sway their decision to approve the new trail. :)
  1. Yellow
  2. Teal
  3. Purple (Not available – Already Assigned)
  4. Pink (Not available – Already Assigned)
  5. Blue (Not available – Already Assigned)
  6. Green
  7. Red – North
  8. Red- West (Not available – Already Assigned)
  9. Red- East (Not available – Already Assigned)
  10. White
  11. Orange (Not available – Already Assigned)
Thank you!

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