Visiting: Ride North on 24th-25th???



Hey all!

We're in MA right now.... We'll be moving to Peeksill, NY tomorrow morning and would like to ride on the 24th-25th just before heading to Fort Lee, NJ where we'll stay for 2 days and ride the stuff in NYC...

Anyone up for a ride in Ringwood? Is there a better area nearby? Close to the city...

I'll try and get back on the internet tomorrow night (23rd) to check on any replies!

Thanks for you help!


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Ringwood? Check out Blue Mtn Reservation right in Peekskill. Ringwood is nice but you've got some sweet trails really close by.


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Closer to the city???
Sprain is on the border of Yonkers and Greenburgh, squeezed between the NYS
Thruway on the West and the Sprain Brook Parkway on the East.

Ringwood is NIIICE, but you prob need a guide to hit the good stuff, otherwise you can get stuck on fireroads.


Yeah Blue Mountain is on your doorstep in Peekskill. You also have Stewart state forrest on the other side of the Hudson and I87. There's the Dark Horse 40 race there in 10 days - that'll be a great place to meet some riders from in and around the area.


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Sprain is a mini-blue. It is is very short in miles. Personally i find Sprain more difficult than Blue. It is frustrating because it is hard to get flow. Whereas there are sections of Blue that are more difficult than Sprain but in between those sections are some nice flow. I've been to quite a few places around here but Sprain and sections of Highbridge just creep me out. There are a lot of sections where if you fall you are in for some serious pain and or death (ride along ridges, drop offs). I guess i haven't gained the confidence for that stuff yet.

Sprain and Highbridge is where i would take my GF if i wanted her to stop riding.
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I hope that by saying you're going to Peekskill you are going to Blue Mountain. For your stay at Fort Lee i have good idea for you. Go to Wawayanda, it has all the fixens of Ringwood, and if you follow the route linked below you won't need a guide.

Use the State Park website for directions to Wawayanda as this takes you to the front gate, you may have to pay a small fee. Stop in the station at the main gate for a map to take with you. Follow the road straight until you see the beach area on the left and turn there. Take a left at the back of the beach area parking lot to find the boathouse parking lot around a bend. Have fun.

As far as lodgings, the farther away from the city you go obviously the cheaper it will be. Fort Lee probably isn't too cheap on its own.



Thanks everyone!

With this weather we got here in MASS, we're off to visit NYC today (WED) and tomorrow. Friday is suppose to be a beautiful day so we'll ride at Blue Mountain. After that, we'll see how everything goes...

Thanks for the advice on riding Blue Mountain... that map is so great, there is bound to be good riding in there!

We'll see how everything turns out!

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