Visiting New Jersey in a couple of weeks



I will be visiting NJ the week of May 11th. From Indiana, looking for great places to Mtn bike in NJ. I will staying outside of Trenton and don't mind driving for up to 1.5 hours if the place is worth the drive.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

What kinda riding you lookin to do? 40 mins in either direction you can pick your poison. The more rocky and techy stuff is up north and the smooth rippin stuff is near the south.
What days & times are you looking to ride? The more info you give the more people might be able to lead.
I wouldn't mind showing you some good places. Hartshorne is where I usually ride and its an awesome place to ride. It has a little bit of everything. Not too many rocky sections though. Just let me know when you want to get a ride in.

Wow! Thanks for the great responses

Actually, I'm staying a little further South than expected. I'm staying near Vincentown, near where 70 and 206 cross.
I'm looking for places I can go in the mornings because I will be busy everyday from mid-afternoon to midnight-ish.
I'm open to hills, rocks, whatever New Jersey has to offer.
Looks like I'll not be too far from Wharton State Forest. Is there anything there?
Would I be better off just bringing a road bike and riding on the street?

What about driving over to the coast and on the strand by Barnegat?

Oh yeah, I'm open to places to trail run too, not as fun as biking though.
I don't know much about Wharton, but it's not the highlight of the state. I don't know how far you are from Allaire but that may be worth checking out.

What about the weekends? If you can drive a little further that will give you more options.
OK, that limits your options. Maybe Mercer, but that's not a park I know anything about. Possibly Wharton, or Clayton (which is small). Also possibly Allaire. I'm not sure how far any of those places are from where you are. I guess Glouster CC is open again since they seem to be having a race there again this year.

Road biking should be plentiful in that area.
Road bike

Yes, road bike is your best option. Our job has an office there,...and when I visit I must say,..road bike. There are some parks you can trail run,...but to mtb it will be a bit of soft sand type of riding. If you come to the coast,..definitely road ride the coast,..beautiful,..and you could find yourself riding with all the road training teams.

check out the Jersey Action Riders (I think we have a link somewhere on the site) for maps, and a trail description. I think they have been very active in Wharton, but I have never been to the park.
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