Video: ROAM **HOT**


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Manufacturer: The Collective
Product: ROAM
Overall Rating [1-10]: 10

Comments: This is an amazing video not like anything I have seen before. Not only the best mountain biking video but just about the best extreme sport video I have ever seen. The camera work and rigging is unbelievable. Just when you expect the rider to exit the scene, nooo the camera just stays with em. Locations, riders, narration, it's all top notch! Rider transitions at Whistler, sick! Ryan Leech doing his thing! You don't even have to be into Freeride/DH or trials to enjoy this video as I cry just thinking about some of these tricks.

I'm totally convinced that if you will only buy one video this year, this is it! Probably won't see anything this good till they release their next one. :p

Seriously, go right now...



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No doubt the best biking video I have ever seen, totally agree. I had quite the buzz on and saw it in a cramped bar, but plan on picking up a copy to watch it again soon. Leech is insane, the drop to train track really floored me.


I agree completely. I can't wait for this to come out.

Their first film isn't bad either - i rented it from netflix a few weeks ago. Nice work and there's some good behind-the-scenes stuff about getting some of those amazing shots.


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I was at Marty's Randolph store and they have copies of ROAM in stock.


Netflix MTB videos...

Is this video available on Netflix? I've been thinking of joining just to view some of the videos out really kills me to spend 24.95 on a dvd you know...i'd rather spend that money on my bike

on the collective's website if you watch the trailers they show you how they get those shots...sometimes i think those guys are just as extreme as the bikers..haha

here's the link you can get the teaser at...

they also have the trailer for the original

i have New World Disorder 6:'s prety wild...i love watching guiys ride in BC...that's definitely got to be some of the most beautiful terrain i've ever seen.


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I don't know... I watched it last week, and for some reason I wasn't as impressed as I was with The Collective. The first part was pretty cool, where I forget who was doing superman seat grabs off of the ladder bridges somewhere on the North Shore.

Something about this one just doesn't make me want to ride like the last one did. Maybe it's the soundtrack. I was BLOWN AWAY by the trailer on the site, so maybe I'm just disappointed that the whole movie didn't live up to what I saw there?

I'm probably going to have to watch it a few more times to figure it out.
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