video of me drag racing the GTI


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11.9? Holy crap! What was the mph?

And then you drove it home, right?


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High speed stuff is cool. I unfortunately have no self control, thats why I got rid of my trans am and my ninja.


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bikes are cool, but not for me..... lost a close family member when i was real young, so I was never allowed by the family to get one, never really had any desire to get one because of my loss quite honestly. but I do envy their speed.

a close friend/co worker has a drag busa with a 1500cc brock davidson stroker motor and nos, as well as a gixxer 1000 that he homebrewed a turbo kit for using a stock turbo from an A4 from the dealership.

ridiculously fast, but as i said, not for me.

lots of fun to watch though
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