Video: New World Disorder 7 - Flying High Again


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Manufacturer: Freeride Entertainment
Product: NWD 7 Flying High Again DVD
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9

Comments: I really love the NWD series of DVDs. Each time they step it up; better filming, higher drops, crazier crashes! I think at this point they would have to go out of their way to produce a crappy video. I'd also like to point that my two favorite sections feature Jeff Lenosky and Aaron Chase. Go NJ!!

You have a 5 minute intro (with some badass graphics) and then some sketch comedy (as usual :) ) After that it's an hour of riding and pretty much no naration. Some parts get a bit long but you certainly can't complain that you aren't getting your money's worth like a LOT of other DVDs out there.

A bit expensive but worth it IMO.


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Maybe it's just a 'theme' for NWD 7, but it was so heavy on the dirtjumping that I started to get a little bored after a while. I love seeing North Shore freeriding, but in a lot of segments it seems they traveled all over the place just to find a big mound to can can their P.3s off of.

Got to love Jeff Lenosky ripping through the heart of Dover at the start of his segment though!!!
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