UST wheel building


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I am putting together a new set of rims. I have built wheels before. My question is do you have to bend the spokes to put them in the ust rim or is there a trick to it?


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I do believe that they are 819. I will have to double check wene I get home. Whats the trick with the 819


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No real trick, just another step. I just built up a set of 819's. What hubs/spokes? Regular J-bend? You have to put the nipple seat/coller on the spoke first, then the nipple threads loosely onto the spoke so you have plenty of play. Then the nipple seat is threaded into the rim snugly (must use loc-tite and a special tool). Lace up and true/tension as usual. Let me know if you need a hand, I have everything here.


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