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I signed up a while back but just logged in for the first time and noticed my id is all caps. I am not the kind of person who shouts their name so I have no idea if I screwed this up when I created it, or what. Needless to say I don't want to be an all caps name shouter, so does anyone know if I can edit the user name or request the moderator to change me, or do I just have to scrap this ID and start again?



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i figured you had 3 too many fosters when you registered. pm me the ID you'd like and i will take care of it.


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You realize the only way I can welcome you to the site is.




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Hey, where the hell are my all caps? The mods are up in my business.

Quit whining bitch.

The board auto-does it. Fred and I tried to figure out how/why one time but we couldn't really pin it down to any rhyme/reason. I think it ignored after emoticons?





Who knows.

MTB Aussie

Thanks for the welcome

G'day all,

thanks for the welcoming comments. A few notes:

for mtbdawgJeff - I don't run a server since I don't have enough computer experience cuz we only got the electricity on in Australia a few months ago :)

for Brian Snyder - THANKS MATE! BACK ATCHA!

for mike_243 - FUNNY!

and finally for shaggz - There's no such thing as too many Fosters! (and thanks for the name adjust offer - see PM)


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By the way a burning question....
down under do the toilets flush in the proper direction?? :)
( could not help it I am a huge simpsons fan )

If you get down in this area allaire is a great ride..


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nonsense. i read a book in grammar school(where they taught me how and when to capitalize) that was about sosme aussie family and how they got the first flush toilet in the neighborhood, and she charged a nickel for people to come see it flush. maybe it wasn't australia though. maybe i'm thinking of that disney animated movie...

so anyway, welcome to the site yeah.
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