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the express liscence renewal service. if i ordered it today(tuesday), will i have my liscence in hand before this weekend, the jungle habitat race? realized today that i completely forgot to renew it this year....


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I just renewed yesterday. There is an option called Print Authorization to Ride. This is a temporary license good for 30 days.

Go to There is a button in the top left called My USA Cycling which will take you to your account. You may have to log in with your account user name and password. Once in your account, the Print Auth. to Ride link is near the top.


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For future refference, there is a USACycling official at each sanctioned race that can process your renewal. Your receipt will act as your liscence until the official liscence is in hand.

As Ben said, bring your receipt.

No more excuses. MTBNJ want's you out there racing!! :getsome:

Racing leads to sponsorship = things like: possible new unscented helmet.;)


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me? stinky helmet?

it's been soooo nice not stinking when the ride is over since i washed that friggen thing. or maybe at least stinking less.


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He's already got a sponser and a backup sponser he,s just to attached to his lid to get a new one...........


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if for some reason anyone ever needs to use this service, it got my liscence to me in about 36 hours, from a 9pm order.


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Need me some help

I'm looking at picking up a license. CX races are 10 bucks for one days. I should have picked one up a long time ago but it just never was a thought until now.

I just want to make sure b4 i make this move that i have my bases covered. A mountain beginner also includes CX. Is this correct? Secondly if i buy this now when will it expire? I may have to call for this one but hopefully someone has an answer.



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You don't need to get the license rush-shipped. Print off the "permission to race" form and you're good for 30 days.

As for the expiration issue, you'll need to check the USA Cycling website for that answer. I'm sure it's on there.

You'd be purchasing a "Sport" license, correct? That'll get you into "C" and "B" cross races.

Good riding at Rutgers today, btw.


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anybody else get a letter from USA cycling last week?

My letter wanted to know

1 did I get a check from them for $60 and cash it

2 Did I get a check from them and not cash it

3 did I not get a check for $ 60



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i wouldn't reply to that. check your account at to see if it says anything about it.
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