Urgent: Save Wharton Trails!!!!!!!

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Hi! Kurt Landsdale here from the South Jersey Bicycle Alliance. I want to invite everyone to a special ride we will be having this Sunday at Wharton State Forest. This ride will be to draw attention to the need for better bicycle programs in New Jersey. Help us to save the trails at Wharton, which we are in danger of losing due to the work of other advocacy groups and reduced funding in our parks. A big showing will gain respect. The ride begins at 10:00 AM in Batsto Village. Come on out and help support the effort! There will be lots of great swag being given away. There will even be a special "Trenton" guest to help us with the lobbying effort.
Are these some of the hare scramble trails? I remember the "Mt. Misery" races of the early 90's being endless sets of whoops. My lower back just screamed as it all came back to me.:D
Mt.Misery trails

The Mt. Misery scrambles and the Berry Bog races and poker runs were over in Lebanon State Forest in the early 90's.
The trails in Wharton State Forest out of Batsto are a continuation of the work started with the IMBA trail crew visit in the fall.
I don't know of any trails in danger.
A group is working under the direction of the Forest Service to develop new trails in the Batsto area of the Wharton State Forest. It has cut about 2 miles of new trail so far.
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