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I am sitting here on the puter on a Friday night (what's wrong with me?) looking where to ride this coming Sunday. I've looked at all of the NNJ parks in the "trail directory" and I didn't see any current trail reports. Would Ramapo be a sloppy mess after today's rain? How about Rumble in the Jungle?
Which trail would be the best to ride?

So many questions ... so little time
My guess would be that after all of this rain, plus the warm weather that will thaw out the frozen ground, the best bet would be the top of Skyline Drive. Stay on the top trail, Cannonball to the Yellow to the white, turn around to reverse it all when you hit the upper Carriage road in Ringwood. That seems to drain well, since it is mostly rock on the top of the mountain, so very little muddy spots.
i'll probably be hitting the rutgers campus for some urban-ish riding - just tearing around on the streets, benches, and stairs mainly. nothing crazy.

i might hit the somerset skate park early tomorrow morning too, just depending on when i wake up. i hate going there when the kids are there - i feel like that weird old guy in the corner.

i'm thinking even the higher trails of allaire might even be soggy for tomorrow. anyone have any word on hartshorne? i'm assuming it'll be a little wetter there than allaire...
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