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Shonny V Returns and a New Tour!

This time of year a mountain bike trip is starting to creep
into people's day dreams. Those in the grips of a cold
winter might be dreaming of warm slickrock and desert
vistas. Other's might be thinking about long ribbons of
singletrack winding over beautiful mountains and
through lush pine forests.

We have both of these dreams at Hermosa Tours and
we're ready to treat you to an amazing vacation in any of
our many destinations. No worries of trail routes, food,
lodging or transportation. Just get ready to focus on
prime mountain biking and a hassle-free, relaxing
experience. Treat yourself this year.


Shonny V's Base Camp
Tune up for 09 with a champ...

By mid-March most of us are chomping at the bit to get
out there and start getting ready for our cycling
season, especially you racers that want to get a leg
up on the competition. What better way to get in those
base miles than on the world class singletrack in the
warm Coastal Mountains of Southern California under
sunny skies? Oh one more thing - you'll be
accompanied by 5-time mountain bike National
Champion and 2008 XTERRA National Champion
and Worlds podium finisher, Shonny Vanlandingham!!

This year Shonny's event is co-ed and better yet: it's
presented by Kona Brewing Company!!! Beer is on them!

More about our Shonny V's Base Camp... -

The South Park Crest
A new, premier destination...

The South Park Crest is a link-up of 5 days of single
track mountain biking through 3 distinct Colorado
mountain ranges in central Colorado. The Crest
delivers over 175 miles of fantastic riding; buff sub-
alpine single track, rocky mining trails, high passes
with beautiful landscapes the entire route. The latter
portion of this tour traverses one of the premier,
northern sections of the Colorado Trail from Georgia
Pass to Kenosha Pass.

Ride the South Park Crest.... -

Southwest Utah - Spots Going Fast!!
Don't miss out on a classic...

The seemingly endless stretches of mesas and
sandstone rock formations in the Zion National Park
area are like nowhere else on earth. The rides we've
chosen for you to explore this gorgeous region range
from a twisting maze over the slickrock of Gooseberry
Mesa to the downhill, hoodoo slalom of Thunder
Mountain. The weather during May is ideal - plenty
warm, but we'll avoid the scorching temps of the
summer season.

Warm slickrock awaits you... -


New Member
Thanks, Shaggz. We have quite a few new tours coming online in the next month or two including this new South Park Crest tour you mentioned. Thanks for being such a great partner to us.

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