Update trail directory with google maps and trail profiles?



Hi there,

Do you think that it would be a bonus or a spoiler to upload google earth trail photos and trail profiles to the details of each trail listed in the trail directory?

I s'pose the user makes the choice wether to open an image or not and it may help people determine if it's the type of ride they want to do that day.

I know Jason's got a load of google earth trail photos. I only have 2 trail profiles at the mo - one of the now infamous "Jason Loop" at LM/PP and one from Sunday at MD, but I would collect more...

Let me know whatchathink. Cheers,



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that would be a great idea. I got to get one of those Gps units.
I would love to see a Ringwood gps ride mapped out. I always seem kinda confused while riding there so I would stay only where I know. If I ventured off the beaten path I would probably get soo lost.
Do you have the Gps map of the 24HOA?
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