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Road today. Trying to keep riding even when weather is bunk. Had a few blow-downs over some of the trails. Somebody is painting arrows everywhere making me go crazy 'cause somehow I seem to be going opposite of every single one.:hmmm:


Rode there on Sunday...trails looking nice, but yeah, who is the mysterious "arrow painted on rocks" dude?!? :hmmm:


I noticed those arrows about 2 weeks ago and all I can come up with is that there was some sort of cross country race. No intelligent individual would put permanent markings on rocks. It had to have been high school kids or some association. Some had E painted maybe standing for expert or what have you. Don't use them as any sort of directional guide. Follow the red blazes for the main loop and learn on your own or with a lead!


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Oh no this isn't chalk. I was just there. The place looks HORRIBLE. I can't believe some f'n schmuck would paint all these awful arrows all over the place. They are even in the parking lot on the pavement. I went there for a short little spin today after work and left earlier than I wanted to cause all the marks were really getting me annoyed. What tool would do that???

On the other hand the trails are in great shape so ride em if you don't mind looking at graffiti every 2 feet. Very disappointing.


Who knows, I haven't been back since. As long as it isn't wet this weekend might make it back.

Yeah, the leaves definitely add another element to it.

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