Underground 100 miler endurance race NY

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Underground 100 miler Endurance race in Upstate NY


Plans are in the Works for an Underground (KTR style) race in Naples, NY. We are working on the planned route which will be a mix of brutal singletrack, fireroads, dirtroads and some paved roads. Climbing total for the race is expected to be around 10,000+ feet!!
Our proposed date will be sometime in September. IT'S FREE!!!

We are going to also come up with a custom-one off trophy for the winner.

Interested; Post your thoughts here! Will have more information in the coming weeks or email me sprocketjockey at mac.com. http://jasonhilimire.com/Horrible/horrible.html NEW WEBPAGE UP WITH THE INFO!

42 Mile Snippet of the course featuring the some of the Major Climbs

I saw this on mtbr - sounds interesting. I'll certainly be keeping my eyes on this, if it so comes to pass.
I believe the KTR is un/self-supported, which basically means unofficial, which basically means a bunch of guys on a message board got together and decided to ride a race, a really long race.

There's a lot more to it. You have an official course, basic ground rules, a code of ethics, etc. I know of one unofficial ride (not race) that goes through totally off-limits wilderness. Part of the rules are that you have to disassemble your bike and carry it the 7 miles through (or something like that). Of course you don't have to abide, but it sort of flies in the face of the whole thing. There are usually other rules about support and so on.

We could possibly do the same thing in NJ, but it would probably need to be over 100 miles, since things would likely be connected by rail trails. They have one in Iowa (Trans Iowa) which is like 300 miles. The flatter you get the further you go, I guess. The Iowa ride has a time limit of something like 27 hours.

One of the reasons to state, "underground" is to not make it an official race. This is supposably to avoid legal implication and insurance. Basically, if you fall down and break your crown,....you where simply riding in the woods by yourself. No sue happy dumb arses allowed.
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