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Hello, I thought this was interesting. It's a national club that adds up your 90 milers for a year long race. Different and certainly works the base miles.

Long-Ride Heaven in 2007

If a more consistent riding program is one of your goals for 2007, consider two annual mileage competitions from the UltraMarathon Cycling Association. They'll help keep you on the bike.

They're easy to enter but it's not real easy to succeed. That's how it should be, right? You need to work for your glory in long-distance cycling.

First, there's the Larry Schwartz Award. To earn a medal you need to do one ride of at least 90 miles during each month of 2007. Even in winter? Well, the UMCA cuts you a break if you live where long rides are impossible because of weather conditions. You can make up a maximum of two missed months with 90-milers at other times of the year. But the annual total must be at least 12.

The Schwartz Award is great incentive to stay in shape for long rides all year round. And if you want an even greater test you can take part in the UMCA's mileage competition -- the Year-Rounder Challenge.

The Y-R rewards every ride longer than 90 miles. Like for the Schwartz Award, these rides can be organized events or done on your own. You can verify personal long rides in various ways, the easiest being by two or three store receipts from stops along the way.

Centuries, double centuries, brevets, tours, training rides -- all can count in the Year-Rounder. Each qualifying ride is submitted to the UMCA, which posts the totals for two achievement levels: Gold (3,000 miles) and Platinum (5,000).

This year, 256 roadies have taken part in these competitions. To participate you first need to belong to the UltraMarathon Cycling Association ($35 annually, which includes a subscription to the bimonthly UltraCycling magazine and other perks). Then the fee for the challenges is just $10, which defrays the costs of medals and processing.

For all the details, click http://www.ultracycling.com/standings/year-rounder.html
Wow, Jess. I know one of those roadies in that club. I think he is in secret compitition with some others, so he will not reveal his mileage to me before Dec. 31, but I know he is over 60 centuries already this year. Amazing isn't it?

So many games we play to encourage us to ride more. It is a great sport. Currently, I only count my miles on the road bike, but I now keep track of hours on the mountain bike and days I ride.

Interesting enough .... The same cyclist I just mentioned above, also records number of days he rides. Although he may not win the most mileage for the year, he usually leads in the most miles per ride, or something like that. I know this is getting like baseball! But whatever keeps you going and makes you happy. Plus roadies don't have all the fun challenges on the trails like we mountaon bikers do, so they tend to make up games.

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Did you say 60 centuries? Holly cow. Tomorrow I'm out with TeamBulldog for a 3 hour road ride. I'm bringing a tow line so Weber can tow me up the hills.

I'm all for logging miles, time, distance,.....whatever it takes. My problem is that I See cyclist ride by while I'm working. By the time I get off the jobsite, it's dark. I'm so darn itching to ride, but it's days away from Christmas and I haven't even gone shopping yet. I'm trying to do some trainer stuff, but it's hard to get myself inspired to HR zone 2. Hopefully, there is an end to this great job. Now, I'm off to drive the 2 hours to get to Bri's sofa for the ride tomorrow. How was Blue?
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