Tymor Video 2


That rider running and carrying his bike cross-style through the entire singletrack was kinda humorous. I guess you do what you have to do.

Happy to say you never caught me. My 2-minute head-start was enough I guess.
Thanks again! LM in 10 days!


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That guy carrying his bike pissed me off. He did it for the entire first section of single track. I was the MTBNJ.com guy that passed you going up the big hill on the first lap. Glad to see my pass was clean!
Where is Tymor located? I'd like to check it out, but can't find it on the New Jersey trail map nor on the NY/PA listings at MTBR.


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Tymor is park in Lagrangeville, NY. You either need to be a resident or date Tommy to ride there :D


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Awesome race guys, we're (sport and beginner racers) lucky mother nature let us finish before the downpour, again, im glad you enjoyed watching the videos. I didnt spend much time editing them as you probably noticed, wanted to get it out there while we're still high from the experience. See you all at LM :)
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