Tymor 40-49 sport video part 1


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Great video, that was an awesome course, at least in the conditions that we rode in. Thanks for doing that.


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Im glad you guys like it, brings back the experience one more time.

Glancing Aft, :D I didnt really gain position with that move .... good catch!
RacinStart, why do you wanna do that :confused: , you can only do 10 min max a clip and quality sucks, why bother.;)
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Thanks so much for the video!! Being that I can't ride this year this is the closest I can get to feeling what it's like to be out there! I never rode Tymor but I sure as heck want to next year!


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I must have been 1 or 2 guys behind you at the start. alot more by the finish. great video but it sure seems slower on video than it feels while racing. I was caught near the start in tight single track in a line behind five or so guys. I think just the one in the front needed to be going "that slowly" but there was no room for us to pass. then some guys came up behind me asking to pass me where there was no room. very frustrating. does anyone remember this. it was very early in the race
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