Two Ipods on One Computer?

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Does anyone know if there is any issue with having 2 different Ipods, with 2 different playlists on one Computer.

I'm trying to add one for my son...hoping there won't be any issues.

If you log on as a different user it shouldn't be a wife has her ipod and I have mine, both on the same pc. If you log on with the same user, well :hmmm: I dunno. The Ipod's are identified by name so I guess it could be done.
We have a classic ipod and a shuffle on one PC, same user.
When the iPod is plugged in you should be able to select which playlists and things that you want to upload. I've done that before and all as one user.
on my mac i have no problem using a 4th gen ipod, ipod video, new ipod nano, new shuffle, and an iTouch. all are set into manual disc mode.
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