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well, i got out again this week... :confused: how the heck did i do that? i can't believe it - i have ridden two days in a row. who woulda thought with a four month old? i honestly can't remember the last time i rode my bike two days in a row... maybe i should start a training blog :D

i got out to the RU preserve today - i know its been talked about on the board before, but this place needs some serious TLC. i didn't venture far today, i stayed in the jump area. there were some newer features built since the last time i was there, but i think the builder needs a little guidance - they were foot high bumps. great to start on to practice jumping i guess... other than that, they essentially were like speed bumps made out of dirt.

anyway - its real close to my house and i can get some air time in at RU on dirt. so i hit it up having taken yet another day off and finding a couple hours to spare. i took the time to take a few pics - unfortunately, no good action shots. i only have a 10 second delay on my phone... so its tough to hit a button, run to the bike, and then get to where a pic would happen. i did pretty well considering the amount of time i actually get in jumping.

the bigger jumps are in bad shape - i honestly can't believe i took the chance that this one jump would actually support me (see pic below). its essentially a gap jump that became a tabletop by a concoction of sticks, plywood, and small logs. the final big jump in this one main jumpline is just plain dangerous. its top is just a tetanus infection waiting to happen. it has some old lumber piled on some dirt with exposed nails... yikes. on the other side of the ravine where this bigger jumpline is, there is a nice small jumpline that runs down a hill - 3 good small/little dropoffs in a row. if anyone is looking to tinker around with their air skills and need a place to practice just getting a drop right - this is a good spot to run over and over.

but just like i said in my post yesterday - i had great weather, great conditions, the one thing is in comparison to six mile, RU is a sub-par spot to ride & jump - but i did have it all to myself. either way, i am real psyched to have gotten out... again. when i was done, i went home and practiced some skinnies - good times!

btw - did anyone ever figure out who is the RU Preserve land manager? Madness, if you read this, i know you and i talked about it at six mile, i know you figured something out, but i honestly don't remember what you said. i am willing to get in there, but i'm not touching a thing in there unless there is permission - especially on any feature sculpting. that being said, i think this place could be a much better place to ride with a little effort during the digging season... but then again, there's six mile just down the way, just no jumps.

looky looky:
1. lame action shot
2. do i dare trust this thing?
3. it held me when i messed up and hit the top - (for the record i weigh in at 191 in my bday suit right now).



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