Tuesday 4/8 Waway Ride


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Tuesday 4/8 Waway Ride(Changed to Allamuchy)

Anybody interested in riding Allamuchy Tuesday afternoon? Time will be posted as soon as I figure out what I'm doing. I'm thinking 5-6 area. Let me know.
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I was thinking that early cause I'll be up that way but if you want to go later I could be swayed into riding Allamuchy instead...


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what's the pacing and distance? havent been in the saddle much this season but ready to get back to mid-season form :getsome:. can make it either 4:30 or 5:30 tomorrow.


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Allamuchy ride at 6?

Allamuchy ? Tuesday ?
Hmmm... my legs maybe recovered by then.

I did a little road recovery ride yesterday and my legs didn't feel so recovered...lol. I'm ready to get back in the woods again. Allamuchy is calling my name...

I forgot that I have some errands to run by home so I'm thinking I'll postpone the wawayanda ride till the weekend or next week and I'll probably get a ride in later on at Allamuchy. I'll post up some details later if anyone is interested.
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