Tuckahoe Bike Shop


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This is by far the best bike shop in Cape may and Atlantic county as far as service is goes. If you are interested in either Fuji, KHS or Jamis they are even better. I went in there to pick up another cruiser, being that I live in OC and always have summer visitors who want to ride the boardwalk. Two months later I have purchased 5 Fuji Mt. Bikes:2 thrills, 2 nevadas and one sunfire. The guys in the shop informed us of local trails like Estell Manor Park, Rt. 49 loop and GCC. They have invited us on their Sunday rides and literally drop everything when we walk in the door in need of service. I will never go anywhere else and love the Fuji Product. I plan on purchasing a higher end FS bike from them this spring when the snow melts near my house in the Poconos and look forward to riding Jim Thorpe, Jack Frost, Camelback, jacobsburg, Bear Creek and Spring Mt.
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