Trunk mount rack needed


Hey all,
You may have seen a post of mine about a fellow cancer patient I am friends with at the “lab”, well he (Jake) contacted me in search of a cheap bike. He’s currently in treatment and unemployed and had a minuscule budget, but I will hook him up with a hard tail I have which is the right size for him and I told him he could have it. Well he’s pretty excited about it and wants to ride to rebuild what the chemo/cancer destroys. He drives an old Grand Marquis and has no hitch, so I’m wondering if anyone has a trunk mount rack that you are no longer using and would like to donate to a worthy person. I know I’m once again leaning on the cycling community, but I’m looking to get him addicted to this sport. Sadly, he’s been feeling kind of down and I know this could really help.
I have an older Saris Bones rack that’s been hanging around for a while. I’m in North Jersey though.

Edit: I work in Peapack if that helps. Maybe we can get a mule service going.
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